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import MySQL-Dump with progressbar

Untitled Blog Post Name It’s very sad, that there is no built-in function for showing the progress while importing a mysql-dump. Here is a beautiful and easy way, to show the progress while importing...

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Find files containing a given string

If you want to find files containing a specificly given string and you want to remove those files, you should simply use this oneliner (Only searching for files in the current directory):   find...

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Listing files and folders well-arranged

Many people know the problem: You have to find something, but you’re having no idea where to find it. Of course, you can use „locate“ or „find“ and search for the file. But what’s...

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Ping all hosts in network

Untitled Blog Post Name If you want to ping all hosts in a network, you should use the following command: nmap -sn

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Mount a temporary ram partition

Untitled Blog Post Name With this simple snippet you can mount a temporary ram partition: ( Be careful – please check if you’re having enough ramspace free ) mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt -o...

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I want to introduce rkhunter – a very useful tool for protecting your server (Debian/Ubuntu). apt-get install rkhunter   After that,  you should open the configfile with your preferred editor: vi /etc/rkhunter.conf   Please...

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How to secure a Debian Server

Untitled Blog Post Name I just want to show you some tools/methods for securing your Debian/Ubuntu-server. Secure your SSH-login (please open /etc/ssh/sshd_config): – forbid root-login PermitRootLogin no – only allow SSH-login with SSH-key (no...

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32 or 64 Bit-System?

If you want to find out, if you’re working on a 32 or 64 bit system, simply use this awesome command in your terminal (Works only on unix-systems): cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep “ lm...

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Instacode is a website which converts code into a nice image. You can use some different filters and it supports syntax-highlighting for many programming languages. I really love that tool and I’m using it...